Friday, 30 March 2012


Here comes the pleasure of taste and balance; Steam cooked and air-dried (non-fried) noodle cakes make it lower in fat and contain no trans-fatty acid. Made from a choice of normal wheat and Whole Wheat (Atta) Flour. Whilst the tastemaker is non-added MSG. Comes in 4 different exciting variant.  Source of Protein: MAGGI TASTYLITE Curry comes with real carrot and cabbage bits   MAGGI TASTYLITE Chicken has real carrot and peas.

MAGGI Soakable

You can now enjoy the great tasting noodle whilst on the go. Just pour hot water and within 3 minutes you are ready to fix your hunger. Available in either cup or bowl with 15 exciting variant to choose from. Grab one now!

Comes in the following variant:

MAGGI Hot Cup Chicken
MAGGI Hot Cup Chicken
MAGGI Hot Cup Curry
MAGGI Hot Cup Curry Chicken
MAGGI Hot Cup Curry
MAGGI Hot Cup Tom Yam
MAGGI Hot Cup Vegetarian

MAGGI Xtradelicious Bowl Chicken Shitake
MAGGI Xtradelicious Bowl Curry Fiesta
MAGGI Xtradelicious Bowl Hot Sensation
MAGGI Xtradelicious Bowl Seafood Tom Yam

Thursday, 29 March 2012

MAGGI Recipe Solution

The authentic taste of Malaysia is faithfully captured through the MAGGI HARI-HARI FAVOURITES range. Available in the form of base-for and complete recipe, it will definitely make your cooking moments more exciting.   Comes in the following variant:
MAGGI Tumisan Asam Pedas
MAGGI Tumisan Ayam Madu
MAGGI Tumisan Kari Ayam
MAGGI Tumisan Kari Ikan
MAGGI Tumisan Kicap Rempah
MAGGI Tumisan Pes Rendang
MAGGI Tumisan Sambal Tumis

HARI-HARI FAVOURITES Spaghetti Bolognaise

30g Paste – Tom Yam  
30g Paste – Nasi Goreng
30g Paste – Bihun Goreng

MAGGI Nasi Goreng Briyani Ala Warung
MAGGI Nasi Goreng Cina Ala Warung
MAGGI Nasi Goreng Kampung Ala Warung
MAGGI Nasi Goreng Lada Hitam Ala Warung
MAGGI Nasi Goreng Padprik Ala Warung
MAGGI Nasi Goreng TomYam Ala Warung

MAGGI Cream of MushroomNo MSG
MAGGI Cream of Chicken No MSG
MAGGI Chicken Lily Bulb Soup No MSG
MAGGI Crab & Tanghoon No MSG

MAGGI Porridge – Fish MAGGI Porridge – Chicken MAGGI Porridge – Duck MAGGI Porridge – Abalone MAGGI Porridge – Vegetables MAGGI Porridge – Prawns

MAGGI Mi Goreng

Would like to have variety in enjoying your instant noodles? Try out our MAGGI Mi Goreng range.

MAGGI Flavour Solutions

Adds flavour to your dishes for even more tasty meal.
From all in one seasoning to flavoured stocks, MAGGI will address your flavour needs. Available in the form of granules, cubes and liquid. Make your choices now!

All-in-one Seasoning:  MAGGI CUKUPRASA

* Suitable for all cooking methods

Stock Cubes:
MAGGI Chicken, Ikan Bilis, Tom Yam

* Suitable for soups

Liquid Stocks  MAGGI Chicken Concentrated Stock

* Suitable for stir-fry dishes and also excellent to make delicious Chicken Rice

MAGGI Culinary Sauces

Sauces especially Chili and Tomato are among the first locally manufactured products of MAGGI in Malaysia.

Chili & Tomato are widely used for dipping whilst many Malaysians are using it for cooking as well mainly for the taste, color and texture it provides in the meals prepared.

Try out our specialty chili sauces that comes in 5 different variant namely Original, Thai, Garlic, Pedas and Hot n’ Sweet.

In the cooking sauce segment, the product line-up consists of Oyster Sauce, KREATIF Sauce and Seasoning.

MAGGI 2-Minute Noodles

Malaysia’s no 1 bag noodles and voted as best Performing brand by Readers Digest Readers Survey (2000 / 2001 / 2002). Good range of great tasting popular flavours

Serves 1

Serving Suggestions: Add suggested garnishings shown on pack for a more complete meal

Tips :  MAGGI noodles can also be made into many other dishes. Refer to MAGGI Recipe for ideas